Thursday, November 25, 2010


Barnes and Buckle reppin in Hot Hot Heats recent hot video release for their hit single YVR!! With Dani styling and Oliva acting. 
Check out the futuristic clothes and hot faux hawk Olivia is sporting!!
Here are some pics and the link to the video :)

This day was filled with the baddest bitches of Vancouver, coming together to support this awesome band, and drink a ton of beer.  I think we can speak for just about everyone from this shoot, that we all left covered in more beer then the Canadian Women's Hockey Team did after winning gold on the ice.  With Ms. Dani Barnes styling, those of you who know her closet very well, (because chances are we have all played mama dress up in it) can spot out her key pieces like the sequin crop shirt and the leading lady, Daniella Dib's ravishing red dress.  To add to the community collaboration, designer David Jack got the bands attention when Dani draped lead singer, Steve with a one-of-a-kind leather and studded jacket. 
Now that you have a bit of background, check out the video.. You'll love <3


Monday, November 22, 2010

Ronski Speed in Toronto

Last Friday night Ronski Speed hit up Toronto at Vola Nightclub for a late night set that had the crowd dancing until 4am with their arms in the air.  One aspect of the show that made it super intimate was the DJ booth, it was set up against the exposed brick wall at only one foot above the crowd so Ronski could interact with his fans throughout his set.  Buckle of Barnes & Buckle was representing as the dancer for the evening.  Put on by Pure Trance Productions based out of Buffalo, they come up 8 times a year to put on a sick party and host big named DJ's such as Ronski and previously Richard Durand.  Buckle was their first dancer they have ever had on board so details were very important.  Ronski brought it out as a DJ and was such a nice guy.  Super cute as he would sing to his mixes and change his CD's as his set flowed and dropped, dancing came very, very easy.

Check out Ronski's set and Buckle's dancing here...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had an amazing time working once again with The Flame and The Dame Productions at their Halloween event at the Commodore Ballroom this Saturday! The Freemasons gave us a nasty dirty soundtrack- the partiers costumes were incredible and we just love everyone that works at these events!!

Two teaser pics are below and we are just waiting for our video footage!!!

David Sandford Photography

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Photographs!

This is Dani's tribute to Olivia's last night in Vancouver. 
We are going out tonight to see Hot Hot Heat at the Commodore Ballroom! We worked on a music video for the band over the summer so we are stoked to see them live!
Then we must hit Celebrities to check out Bingo players and all the wonderful Blueprint kids. Then we are going to meet the family at 560 and party down until they kick us out. Or the other way around....I guess it will all depend on how many beers we are able to consume at the concert! 
My only goal for the evening is to make sure she is still partying when she gets to Vegas tomorrow afternoon ;)
Im going to miss this girl but are going to LOVE her!!

Photos were taken by the FABULOUS Michael Chan of!
Styling and hair and make up was not necessary. We rolled out of bed like this of course.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

RAPTURE: Victory

This years Vancouver Pride was quite a win. Win Win Win. Do I remember much? Not really, except for a lot of glamOUR! Olivia and I were stoked to book a gig with Tommy D dancing for his Rapture party at the Commodore Ballroom! I danced both evenings and Olivia joined me for the second night. 

Tech dancing baby, it's what it's all about! Feeling the music, doing what the rhythm says to do and interacting with each other. The Commodore has a massive stage so we got our jumps and spins out there.

To add to the chaos of this event- We also danced for Peter Breeze in his number X-Rated Angel!
Olivia did the choreography and it's to die for. Not only was she running around making sure we all had our shit together, but she was getting herself ready to get on stage as well. 

Here is a collection of photos from the Rapture: Victory event.
But first.......................
Follow this LINK to You Tube.
Its Barnes & Buckle on the stage. Go Go Dancing with a erie twist ;)


So. About a month and a half ago Olive and I, along with our fav bad bitch went to check out the Lil' Kim concert at Fortune Sound Club. Lack of planning skills set us up with no pre-arranged list or tickets so we decided to dress up and try to hussy in. Huge shout out to Mr. Pirate at the door for letting us in we had a fab time being ghetto! Check out the ridiculous video on you-tube of our adventureeeeee

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peter Breeze X-RATED ANGEL

After 2 months of sketching, story boarding, choreographing and rehearsing we have finally done it!!  We have completed Peter Breeze's second music video entitled, X-Rated Angel.

Here is some info on our Sugar Daddy, Peter; He is a Vancouver based recording artist, with credits under his belt in LA and Las Vegas, he is well known in the city and is heading places fast!  His first video is "F*ck Talk" and has almost 10,000 views on but we are expecting that once his new video drops, we will hit way more than 10,000!

Electric Betty worked hard on Peter's video and we know he appreciates it ;)  Olivia being in charge of choreography and dancers, while Dani was Artistic Director.  It was a family affair for this video because everyone involved are good friends with Peter.  His roommates, sister, and close friends took part in his creative endeavor and stepping stone to super stardom.  Just remember who you started with PB ;)

Dani and Olivia
Olivia (choreographer) and Devon, in the back alley photo courtesy of Lincoln
Jared and Devon, both dancers
Olivia Peter and Dani getting ready for the shoot
Peter Breeze as the Heart Taker

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Electric Betty Is Back at REPUBLIC NIGHT CLUB to host their Graduate Thursday nights. 
This is pretty much the only club to have a regular bangin' event on Thursdays so we are really excited to get back involved!
$4.00 high balls
$4.00 shots
Party and Rock Mash-ups
Resident and guest DJ's
$10.00 cover.
Doors at 9.


Vancouver Fashion Week came and went without hardly any recognition. Thank God.
Here is one photo that survived spring cleaning. The Official after party was held at the brand new Nightclub Josheph Richards! Better music then I expected, shittier prices on drinks that I also expected. Hot bar tenders though so you can smile and hand them your baby sitting money with ease.

Blonde for the Night!

Olivia and I went out with our dear friend and beauty advisor YULA of Blonde For The Night!
Republic night club of course hosted us as late at 1:30am because we were having so much fun getting ready, telling stories and entertaining ourselves at home! Here are a few of our photos, night gown inspired outfits and Marilyn Munroe our Godess inspired make up! About 700 shots that we were not going to have later, our evening is finished with a pot of white wine at Su Hangs and the last of our trickling jokes. Did I mention Yula had a suitcase with her?
Love love love.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The Silent Disco" Extravaganza!

Vancouver's first Silent Disco party was a huge success!  At the Cellar we packed it with eager Vancouverites coming to see what all the fuss was about.  A Silent Disco is just that... Silent.  Each person is handed a set of headphones with a radio tuner on the side.  There were 3 DJ's spinning;  Es Robinski from Vancouver, DJ Canosis and DJ Metal both from Whistler.  Each person has the freedom to tune their headset to whatever DJ they fancy.  The party was put on my and sponsored by Kokanee.  If you heard about this party at all last month, make sure you keep your ears open for another one... Cause it's gonna happen real soon!!

Dani and Olivia
Top to Bottom: DJ and Dani.  Joey Matt and Olivia.  Dan (Cellar Events Manager) and Olivia

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apres PhotoShoot Excitement

Electric Betty's first photoshoot was a HUGE success!!  Thanks to the immensly talented photographer Michael Chan of course.

The shoot took place in an all white studio equiped with a kitchen (with mugs that were incorporated into a style change), stereo (which blasted GaGa tunes) and miscellaneous objects (discoball anyone?).  This fantastic studio was in a massive building filled with offices, abandoned rooms I am sure, and of course studios.  We both arrived with suitcases in tow filled with majour clothing/shoes/accessories/makeup.  While Michael set up we took a quick walk over to Starbucks to get some energy and get some sun to work up the creative juices as to what we needed the outcome to be of this shoot, what kind of shots did we want?  We walked/talked/drank/ate (such multitaskers) and figured out our shiznit.  The outcome was with 5 different looks with an appropriatley identified theme to each one.. Your Mom in the 90's... Home in the Morning after Partying in LA... I'm With the Band... Disco Stick... and Auntie Olive takes Helen to School.  Each one more ridiculous than the last.  Laughing most of the time, and voguing every now and then, we came out with some fantastic shots!  We have been using these pictures for our event and promo work, so if you see them around, you now have all the background scoop ;)

Now... can you tell which shot is which theme??
Dani and Olivia

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Electric Betty! Is excited to announce that their first formal photo shoot will be happening this Wednesday with the renown airplane engineer turned photographer Michael Chan! We are gathering our most ridiculous outfits and talented professionals to ensure this shoot is a huge success.  We have decided that partying at Celebrities tonight is not a good idea (LIE) so we will be well rested and glowing in the morning! So the one place you will not find us tonight is Celebrities night club and maybe Republic and we for sure will not be wearing matching sequence pants.


Olivia + Dani + Maxwell Maxwell = Black lipstick smooches on his pretty little face.

Maxwell Maxwell is the producer and DJ behind Peter Breeze's new CD Send in the Robots.
The cast!
Left to Right....
Dani, Olivia, Jordan, Derek, Mike, Peter, Jared

EBI is here!

Welcome to our blog kids!

Thanks for visiting Electric Betty Inc. Consisting of the dynamic duo Dani and Olivia. Both Vancouver based socialites, dancers, style fanatics, party-goers, and all around fun-loving girlies! Dani is a well established personal stylist in Vancouver while Olivia is a professional dancer and choreographer both locally and internationally. Now here is a little background on EBI...

Electric Betty was an idea thought up by Dani, the name was an after-party verbal accident that stuck like crazy glue! Kept in the back of her mind, it was only a matter of time until the perfect moment struck to put it into serious action! That moment was the birthday of Electric Betty, Saturday March 20/2010. We were dancing for a good friend and fabulous singer, Peter Breeze, at his CD launch party at The Odyssey nightclub in Vancouver, when the subject of Vancouver's nightlife and Electric Betty was brought up. Needless to say, Olivia jumped on board right away. We continued the night discussing our new venture with a show, an 8th grade inspired drinking adventure, stealing the drag queen spotlight dancing on the stage and pole, and the hilarious after parties and skanky pizza. We met up the next day for a business meeting, location El Furniture with beer, caesers and cheap food. We decided that Electric Betty was our mission... To turn Vancouver's nightlife into something different, new and experimental. And it needed to happen fast.

We specialize in party promoting, event co-ordinating, and transforming a nonchalant night into a catastrophic event worth remembering, talking about and blogging about... which is where this comes in. This blog will be here to update you on Electric Betty news, upcoming events, places you MUST be, wrap ups on nights/concerts/shows/etc., and of course advice on where to take your sweet little touches, on any day of the week as there is aaalways something going on in this city (well... now there will be;))

This blog will be checked daily, we are out nightly, so email or comment for questions, tips, fashion advice, or plain ol' comments!

Come look for us out on our beautiful town Vancouver! Let's not take for granted what our city offers... As we - are Electric Betty... Everlasting.
Dani and Olivia