Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Peter Breeze X-RATED ANGEL

After 2 months of sketching, story boarding, choreographing and rehearsing we have finally done it!!  We have completed Peter Breeze's second music video entitled, X-Rated Angel.

Here is some info on our Sugar Daddy, Peter; He is a Vancouver based recording artist, with credits under his belt in LA and Las Vegas, he is well known in the city and is heading places fast!  His first video is "F*ck Talk" and has almost 10,000 views on but we are expecting that once his new video drops, we will hit way more than 10,000!

Electric Betty worked hard on Peter's video and we know he appreciates it ;)  Olivia being in charge of choreography and dancers, while Dani was Artistic Director.  It was a family affair for this video because everyone involved are good friends with Peter.  His roommates, sister, and close friends took part in his creative endeavor and stepping stone to super stardom.  Just remember who you started with PB ;)

Dani and Olivia
Olivia (choreographer) and Devon, in the back alley photo courtesy of Lincoln
Jared and Devon, both dancers
Olivia Peter and Dani getting ready for the shoot
Peter Breeze as the Heart Taker

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