Friday, September 24, 2010

New Photographs!

This is Dani's tribute to Olivia's last night in Vancouver. 
We are going out tonight to see Hot Hot Heat at the Commodore Ballroom! We worked on a music video for the band over the summer so we are stoked to see them live!
Then we must hit Celebrities to check out Bingo players and all the wonderful Blueprint kids. Then we are going to meet the family at 560 and party down until they kick us out. Or the other way around....I guess it will all depend on how many beers we are able to consume at the concert! 
My only goal for the evening is to make sure she is still partying when she gets to Vegas tomorrow afternoon ;)
Im going to miss this girl but are going to LOVE her!!

Photos were taken by the FABULOUS Michael Chan of!
Styling and hair and make up was not necessary. We rolled out of bed like this of course.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

RAPTURE: Victory

This years Vancouver Pride was quite a win. Win Win Win. Do I remember much? Not really, except for a lot of glamOUR! Olivia and I were stoked to book a gig with Tommy D dancing for his Rapture party at the Commodore Ballroom! I danced both evenings and Olivia joined me for the second night. 

Tech dancing baby, it's what it's all about! Feeling the music, doing what the rhythm says to do and interacting with each other. The Commodore has a massive stage so we got our jumps and spins out there.

To add to the chaos of this event- We also danced for Peter Breeze in his number X-Rated Angel!
Olivia did the choreography and it's to die for. Not only was she running around making sure we all had our shit together, but she was getting herself ready to get on stage as well. 

Here is a collection of photos from the Rapture: Victory event.
But first.......................
Follow this LINK to You Tube.
Its Barnes & Buckle on the stage. Go Go Dancing with a erie twist ;)


So. About a month and a half ago Olive and I, along with our fav bad bitch went to check out the Lil' Kim concert at Fortune Sound Club. Lack of planning skills set us up with no pre-arranged list or tickets so we decided to dress up and try to hussy in. Huge shout out to Mr. Pirate at the door for letting us in we had a fab time being ghetto! Check out the ridiculous video on you-tube of our adventureeeeee