Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Electric Betty Is Back at REPUBLIC NIGHT CLUB to host their Graduate Thursday nights. 
This is pretty much the only club to have a regular bangin' event on Thursdays so we are really excited to get back involved!
$4.00 high balls
$4.00 shots
Party and Rock Mash-ups
Resident and guest DJ's
$10.00 cover.
Doors at 9.


Vancouver Fashion Week came and went without hardly any recognition. Thank God.
Here is one photo that survived spring cleaning. The Official after party was held at the brand new Nightclub Josheph Richards! Better music then I expected, shittier prices on drinks that I also expected. Hot bar tenders though so you can smile and hand them your baby sitting money with ease.

Blonde for the Night!

Olivia and I went out with our dear friend and beauty advisor YULA of Blonde For The Night!
Republic night club of course hosted us as late at 1:30am because we were having so much fun getting ready, telling stories and entertaining ourselves at home! Here are a few of our photos, night gown inspired outfits and Marilyn Munroe our Godess inspired make up! About 700 shots that we were not going to have later, our evening is finished with a pot of white wine at Su Hangs and the last of our trickling jokes. Did I mention Yula had a suitcase with her?
Love love love.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"The Silent Disco" Extravaganza!

Vancouver's first Silent Disco party was a huge success!  At the Cellar we packed it with eager Vancouverites coming to see what all the fuss was about.  A Silent Disco is just that... Silent.  Each person is handed a set of headphones with a radio tuner on the side.  There were 3 DJ's spinning;  Es Robinski from Vancouver, DJ Canosis and DJ Metal both from Whistler.  Each person has the freedom to tune their headset to whatever DJ they fancy.  The party was put on my and sponsored by Kokanee.  If you heard about this party at all last month, make sure you keep your ears open for another one... Cause it's gonna happen real soon!!

Dani and Olivia
Top to Bottom: DJ and Dani.  Joey Matt and Olivia.  Dan (Cellar Events Manager) and Olivia