Thursday, November 25, 2010


Barnes and Buckle reppin in Hot Hot Heats recent hot video release for their hit single YVR!! With Dani styling and Oliva acting. 
Check out the futuristic clothes and hot faux hawk Olivia is sporting!!
Here are some pics and the link to the video :)

This day was filled with the baddest bitches of Vancouver, coming together to support this awesome band, and drink a ton of beer.  I think we can speak for just about everyone from this shoot, that we all left covered in more beer then the Canadian Women's Hockey Team did after winning gold on the ice.  With Ms. Dani Barnes styling, those of you who know her closet very well, (because chances are we have all played mama dress up in it) can spot out her key pieces like the sequin crop shirt and the leading lady, Daniella Dib's ravishing red dress.  To add to the community collaboration, designer David Jack got the bands attention when Dani draped lead singer, Steve with a one-of-a-kind leather and studded jacket. 
Now that you have a bit of background, check out the video.. You'll love <3


Monday, November 22, 2010

Ronski Speed in Toronto

Last Friday night Ronski Speed hit up Toronto at Vola Nightclub for a late night set that had the crowd dancing until 4am with their arms in the air.  One aspect of the show that made it super intimate was the DJ booth, it was set up against the exposed brick wall at only one foot above the crowd so Ronski could interact with his fans throughout his set.  Buckle of Barnes & Buckle was representing as the dancer for the evening.  Put on by Pure Trance Productions based out of Buffalo, they come up 8 times a year to put on a sick party and host big named DJ's such as Ronski and previously Richard Durand.  Buckle was their first dancer they have ever had on board so details were very important.  Ronski brought it out as a DJ and was such a nice guy.  Super cute as he would sing to his mixes and change his CD's as his set flowed and dropped, dancing came very, very easy.

Check out Ronski's set and Buckle's dancing here...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We had an amazing time working once again with The Flame and The Dame Productions at their Halloween event at the Commodore Ballroom this Saturday! The Freemasons gave us a nasty dirty soundtrack- the partiers costumes were incredible and we just love everyone that works at these events!!

Two teaser pics are below and we are just waiting for our video footage!!!

David Sandford Photography