Tuesday, March 23, 2010

EBI is here!

Welcome to our blog kids!

Thanks for visiting Electric Betty Inc. Consisting of the dynamic duo Dani and Olivia. Both Vancouver based socialites, dancers, style fanatics, party-goers, and all around fun-loving girlies! Dani is a well established personal stylist in Vancouver while Olivia is a professional dancer and choreographer both locally and internationally. Now here is a little background on EBI...

Electric Betty was an idea thought up by Dani, the name was an after-party verbal accident that stuck like crazy glue! Kept in the back of her mind, it was only a matter of time until the perfect moment struck to put it into serious action! That moment was the birthday of Electric Betty, Saturday March 20/2010. We were dancing for a good friend and fabulous singer, Peter Breeze, at his CD launch party at The Odyssey nightclub in Vancouver, when the subject of Vancouver's nightlife and Electric Betty was brought up. Needless to say, Olivia jumped on board right away. We continued the night discussing our new venture with a show, an 8th grade inspired drinking adventure, stealing the drag queen spotlight dancing on the stage and pole, and the hilarious after parties and skanky pizza. We met up the next day for a business meeting, location El Furniture with beer, caesers and cheap food. We decided that Electric Betty was our mission... To turn Vancouver's nightlife into something different, new and experimental. And it needed to happen fast.

We specialize in party promoting, event co-ordinating, and transforming a nonchalant night into a catastrophic event worth remembering, talking about and blogging about... which is where this comes in. This blog will be here to update you on Electric Betty news, upcoming events, places you MUST be, wrap ups on nights/concerts/shows/etc., and of course advice on where to take your sweet little touches, on any day of the week as there is aaalways something going on in this city (well... now there will be;))

This blog will be checked daily, we are out nightly, so email or comment for questions, tips, fashion advice, or plain ol' comments!

Come look for us out on our beautiful town Vancouver! Let's not take for granted what our city offers... As we - are Electric Betty... Everlasting.
Dani and Olivia