Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apres PhotoShoot Excitement

Electric Betty's first photoshoot was a HUGE success!!  Thanks to the immensly talented photographer Michael Chan of course.

The shoot took place in an all white studio equiped with a kitchen (with mugs that were incorporated into a style change), stereo (which blasted GaGa tunes) and miscellaneous objects (discoball anyone?).  This fantastic studio was in a massive building filled with offices, abandoned rooms I am sure, and of course studios.  We both arrived with suitcases in tow filled with majour clothing/shoes/accessories/makeup.  While Michael set up we took a quick walk over to Starbucks to get some energy and get some sun to work up the creative juices as to what we needed the outcome to be of this shoot, what kind of shots did we want?  We walked/talked/drank/ate (such multitaskers) and figured out our shiznit.  The outcome was with 5 different looks with an appropriatley identified theme to each one.. Your Mom in the 90's... Home in the Morning after Partying in LA... I'm With the Band... Disco Stick... and Auntie Olive takes Helen to School.  Each one more ridiculous than the last.  Laughing most of the time, and voguing every now and then, we came out with some fantastic shots!  We have been using these pictures for our event and promo work, so if you see them around, you now have all the background scoop ;)

Now... can you tell which shot is which theme??
Dani and Olivia

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