Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sunday Funday was redonculous. 
First stop: Gas town. Browse the fetish shops. Want everything. Buy nothing due to no money. 

Head towards Love Sick art studio. Wish in my heart that the secret gypsy market was up and running. 
Notice that the secret gypsy market IS indeed, up and running. 

Wander past each gypsy and check out their loot. As I wander by, pirate pulls this
out of his bag. 
I SO need a wallet cause they caught me borrowing one from Walmart the other night.
Buy it for two dolla. 
WTF. Give pirate and extra toonie. 

Buy this
It has a beautiful chinese inscription on the back. I'm pretty sure it means- "The owner will have good luck and good fortune forever and ever amen. 
Also score THESE for like.....2 dolla
Fit perfectly. Obviously needed new dress shoes because for whatever reason my other two pairs of grandpa shoes are no shows in my life. 
And theeeennnnn.... Catch these brand new H&M thin linen/nylon blend with pleather insert above ass
5 dolla. 

Buckle....you would have DIED.

Now listen

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